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Locking function achieved by an independent skirt shape


Developed by Yamazaki Active

“ActiveX”  developed with cooperation of the department of engineering Shinshu national University, Nagano technical national college, Nagano industrial Research center.

It is achieved highly locking function as “absorb the force which loosen the thread” by unprecedented shape.

Be able to use any part of vibration at the railway, bridge, vehicle, architecture construction etc.

It is realized highly locking function with simple shape
and base on unprecedented new concept


“Absorb the force which loosen the thread”

Analysis Result

Dept. of  Engineering Shinshu national University

Color indicate axial displacement and it is understand part of skirt working as spring factor which have large displace from outside to inside with axial compressing.

Part of circumferential same color indicate steady displacement. (absorb effect of Vibration or Impact)

> Result of the calculation (Axial force 12kN)

Nagano industrial Research center

Comparison locking effect with other company products.

Result of Max. and Min. stress analyze and surface contact analize that ActiveX give stress exerted uniformly and keep uniformly surface contact.

> Rsult of the calculation (Axial force 12kN)sult of the calculation (Axial force 12kN)


Vibration Test Result

Standards of NAS3350 Vibration Test

Test date : 22, Feb, 2012

According to the test that using high speed screw loosen test machine of Japan Quality Assurance Organization, be able to get result of 17min no loosen.

JUV-type Junker loosen test

Test date : 18, Nov, 2012

Test result of using KST Co.,Ltd. own JUV-Type  loosen test machine, it be able to keep axal force after 5 min.