The 5 S Policy

In order to promote discipline, safety and good health to create pleasant working environment and good corporate image through participation of employees at all levels and with continuous practices that have been developed into corporate culture, the Company, therefore, provides the 5S activities based on the following objectives and goals:


  1. To increase awareness and to instil positive attitudes towards orderliness and discipline for employees at all levels.
  2. To promote the participation of employees and to enhance corporate-wide unity and team working.
  3. To treat 5S activities as a part of the operations.
  4. To create good corporate image.
  5. To utilize the 5 S’s activities as the basis for quality system management.
  6. To promote and support the workforce in all level to understand and have disciplines to develop and realize the importance of the work quality continually.
  7. To develop the manpower in all levels for higher efficiency with the focus on operating participation.
  8. To prepare readiness and development into the better quality system.


  1. All areas in office building are tidy, user friendly, clean and safe, with hygienic conditions.
  2. The employees regularly and earnestly participate in 5S activities.
  3. The employees perform their works with a sense of pride under the pleasant and hygienic working environment.
  4. To make the operations of the quality management system more clear and concert.
  5. To lift up the efficiency of the working teams by encouraging the participation of the manpower in all levels.
  6. To have continual improvement and development guidelines

The 5S Committee

The Company appointed the 5S Committee in order that the environment of office building will be continuously developed and improved through 5S activity implementation and that the participation from employees at all levels will be promoted.

The 5S Committee has President and Vice President of Corporate as the Chairperson and members of the Committee are representatives from all work disciplines.


The 5S Activity Committee shall perform duties and have responsibilities as follows.

  1. To regularly recommend about the stipulation and revision of 5S policy, 5S and office building management measures and 5S manual to the top executives for their consideration.
  2. To implement the 5S activities according to the 5S policy and standards stipulated by the Company in order to keep all areas in office building tidy, user friendly, clean and safe, with hygienic conditions.
  3. To organize activities to provide knowledge and to communicate with employees at all levels to enhance their awareness, understanding, and positive attitude towards discipline.
  4. To promote and support the participation of employees at all levels in order that the 5S activities will be continuously and earnestly implemented and that the 5S activities will be regarded as a part of the operations that will enhance good corporate image.
  5. To monitor and prepare the 5S activity report and submit it to the executives and to deliver recommendations for the success of the 5S activity as per the established policy and goals.
  6. To perform other duties as assigned.


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