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[Dec 3, 2016] : Our exhibition on Dec 1 to 2, 2016

MSSE, we are the authorized distributor and importer of Hardlock Industry in Thailand and our exhibition to introduce Hardlock products at SmartRail Asia & Transport Infrastructure Asia 2016, Makkasan Railway Station during Dec 1 to 2, 2016 is finished. There are numerous people interested in our products and registered to get further information.

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So that #Hardlock products as Nut, Bearing Nut and Set Screw are recognized in numerous industries depending on the usage the Maker produce numerous materials (steel, stainless steel) to handle numerous usages. There are many grades classified by classes starting from SS400, S45C, SUS304, SCM435 (HRC45-53), S45C (HRC30-43). And there are also numerous grade for plating (Surface Finishing) such as Electro galvanize (Zn) +Trivalent Chromate, Hot dip galvanize (Zn) HDZ35, Phosphate mangan coating, Four iron oxide coating.


We’ve collected more information of Hardlock products in our website as below:

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What’s the Hardlock Nut


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Although now there are many companies that produce loosening nut in the market. But they are still poor quality. Even if some may be able to prevent loosening, but the bolt has to be unscrewed(nut) during maintenance and/or construction causing the thread to be damage and unusable, you’ll end up having to buy new ones.

However, Hardlock industry, a Japanese manufacturer with sales growth. The company has also received lots of international awards and is able to solve the tread damaging problems by manufacturing nuts and bolts when tightened it will not be loosen no matter how high the vibration. The important thing is it can be reusable up to 50 times with the loosening prevention property retained.


It’s not only recognized in Japan but also in other countries; China, UK, Taiwan, and Australia, etc. have also been importing these products in extremely large quantity. Additionally, it not only meet the needs of construction industry, but it also meets the needs of factories with machinery operating at high vibration.

In conclusion, besides loosening prevention, it’s also cost saving; inspection time, manpower cost, and reusable with the loosening prevention property retained. This interesting innovation has been officially forwarded to Thailand. And this is the new business of MSSE, an ISO 9110 certified company, is ready to provide consultation to any industry that is interested in this innovation.

By the way, our main products are also steam boiler, vacuum cooler, steam car washer, and equipment including consultation, system installation and design. We also have service centers ready to provide you with aftersales services (24 hours).

Moreover, those interested are able to contact us in Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Thai, and English for correct Engineering Principle, those interested can call us at 02-159-9453-4 or if anyone is interested and need to see more details, send the email to us at

[Nov 26, 2016] : Our exhibition on Dec 1 to 2, 2016

Thailand is currently experiencing significant expansion in its rail industry, with the government in Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha turning on the green light for a number of transport infrastructure development projects. These projects focus on railway expansion, including the approval of new routes, dual-tracking and agreement on cooperation with foreign countries. Such are the developments that it could be said we are now in the “Golden Age” of Thailand rail and metro. We’ve already seen the purple metro line become fully operational, whilst the green is expected to open fully in 2017. The expansion of rail travel in Thailand is consistent with a trend for growth across neighbouring ASEAN counties, as nations seek to make public transport more comfortable and competitive.


Thus we will be pleased to see your presence in this exhibition on Dec 1 to 2, 2016 (You can see the location for shown our booth from picture as above) and visit our booth & meet the products by Hardlock brand, Japan as Nut, Bearing Nut and Set Screw that do not loosen as well as other hardware that plays a vital role in building safety despite being tucked in locations invisible to the public eye. Hard Lock is dedicated to their manufacturing concept of the power in safety.

[Oct 8, 2016] : Big Cleaning Day

The Big Cleaning Day policy to clean office and buildings.


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[Aug 30, 2016] : Welcome to Mr. Mimoto,

A warm welcome for new President of Miura Industries (Thailand)

After a long day in a meeting. We took this time to dinner with Mr. Mimoto as the 2nd President of Miura Industries (Thailand) and Miura Team.


[Jul 13, 2016] :Bid Farewell to Mr.Mitsumune,


One day there will be a time where we have to bid farewell to someone in our lives. And this moment is the time of Mr.Mitsumune. Seven and half year in Shanghai and Three and half year in Thailand. He is now leaving from Thailand to work in Miura, Japan.


On behalf of Matkem System & Engineering Company Limited.


I would like you to know that I don’t want to write this farewell message. Everything seems too soon and it is really uncomfortable for me and everyone of MSSE. It is very difficult for us to say goodbye to whom I really don’t want him to leave.

So that, our relationship in the previous time is so valuable for me and all the people of MSSE. And I’m really appreciated all the thing you did for our company all the way through. This is including your strong intention to think and create strategic plans in order to drive forth the Miura Boiler group products to grow in Thailand market.


For all the thing you’ve made for our company, I really feel that it will be in my memory even how long the time passed and could never gone from our mind. Moreover, I understand that everyone has his or her own roles and responsibilities to go forward. It is just like you. You also have a new challenge and very important thing awaiting for you ahead.

So for this opportunity, I wish you success and fulfilled in everything, both for your career life and for your personal life. We wish you and your family have all the good things in lives, have both physical and mental strength and wellness. And most of all, I hope I could have a chance to give you some good in return of your mercy and meet you sometime over again in Thailand or Japan.

I wish you good luck with all the best regards.

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Mr.Boonsong Uykird
President and Managing Director
Matkem System Supply & Engineering Co.,Ltd.

[Jun 4 – 11, 2016] : Business trip in Japan

  • We took our clients to visit and inspect the boiler product in Miura Factory, Japan.

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  • Discussing the business with Hardlock Industry Company Limited in their factory, Japan


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