Market Situation


Thailand’s GDP expanded by 3.2 percent from a year earlier in the first quarter of 2018. compared to a 4.8 percent expansion in the previous quarter and beating market expectations of a 2.8 percent expansion. It is the strongest growth since the March quarter of 2013.


Mr.Shingo Sawada
Director and Sales & Marketing Department Manager
Matkem System Supply & Engineering Co., Ltd.

For 2019, the Thailand’s economic planning agency (NESDB) projected GDP growth to be at 3.0  to  3.5  percent, compared to earlier forecasts in February at 2.8 to 3.8 percent.  The current market share of the fire tube boiler will be higher than the Once Through boiler.  If the Once Through boiler is imported from Japan, the price will be higher than from other sources including Thailand, but  once through also has the advantage that can be taken against the competition in terms of energy saving, energy-saving ones, and constantly evolving technology.  The important point is that it is also environmentally friendly.

Now, in Japan, the market share of Once Through boiler system is 95%, but the market share in Thailand is not more than 20% when it is compared to Fire Tube boiler system. That is marketing gap we have seen that it is the opportunity to drive the Company by  Once Through Boiler in Thailand.


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