Management Principle and Practice


Mr.Pichai Jeamaey
Vice President
Matkem System Supply and Engineering Co., Ltd.

Matkem System Supply and Engineering Co., Ltd. has the principles and guidelines for the administration. The focus is on the expertise and services. Due to the needs of target customers, advanced professional expertise is required.  Therefore, the Company must take into account the interests of the proper use by target customers in each industry because steam generator businesses is an important device that is used a number of industries, both large and small. These are food, drink, clothing, automobile industry, steel, paper, sugar, as well as those with complex needs of highly technical industries such as power plants, petrochemical, and refinery.


Therefore, the selection of steam generators and other related equipment manufacturers that distributed by the Company to the prospective customers must have thoroughly gone through the inspection processes on characteristics, safety, reliability, international quality certification standards before the Company presents them to ensure that the products have been certified and designed to be appropriate for each business with regard to safety based on performance, efficiency, reliability, availability, and saves fuel consumption in each industry.


Besides, the Company’s commitment to be a leader in the steam generator with high quality distribution and installation that are accepted in the market along with providing clean energy and use of renewable energy to protect the environment, the Company also cultivate values and awareness for all staff with the emphasis on personal development to become an expert coupled with providing the Company services. All personnel must focus on the response, sincere service with knowledge, adhering to the Company standard, honesty and morality in order to meet the organization objective. The objective is to focus on doing business in the long term.  Therefore, maintaining the best relations is to provide external recognition. This covers negotiations, providing information, sales, installation, maintenance, and coordination.


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